Bank Cards: Types and Features

Feb 28, 2019 by Canadia

Today, banks offer a wide variety of plastic cards. Bank cards differ in type, purpose, limit threshold, and other criteria. In our review, we will talk about the classification of bank plastic cards.

What Types of Bank Cards Are There?

By appointment, bank cards are divided into:

  • debit;
  • credit;
  • salary.

Debit plastic cards: Debit cards take second place "from the end." They are slightly less popular than such a banking product as a salary card, but significantly inferior in terms of demand for a credit card.

It is impossible to cash out funds from a debit card. You can spend it when the plastic card holder pays for services or goods directly with this card. It turns out that this product is in demand only among citizens living in the city, because in the regions and many other regions it is not possible to make payments with a card.

This category of banking product, in turn, is also divided into several types:

  • standard;
  • "VIP".

Debit cards like "VIP" gives its holder a great opportunity. Debit cards differ from credit in that you can simply keep your own savings on them.

Salary cards: Today, the salary project involves the majority of the population. At the initial stage, the employing company concludes a written agreement with the credit company for the transfer of staff salaries from a special account.

Holders of the salary card are provided with special conditions in the credit company in which it is served. The client can get a mortgage at a reduced rate or get any other service on more simplified terms. This is due to the minimum risk level of the lender, because the borrower's salary is with him "under supervision".

Credit cards: The largest number of issued cards have the status of "credit". Already from the name of the banking product, it is clear that a credit card is a peculiar form of a money loan. With such a plastic card, you can pay the bill in a restaurant, pay for a purchase in a shopping center or withdraw money and spend it at your discretion. You can get cash at any ATM.

Probably, the provided classification of bank plastic cards may seem incomplete to someone, but these programs are basic to any financial company and enjoy great success with the consumer.